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Whistleblowing Complaints

Modus Group aims to carry out its activities in a responsible, ethical, open, and transparent manner. It believes that adopting such an approach not only benefits the Group itself, but also all stakeholders involved. Consequently, the Group encourages and enables individuals, including employees (current and former), their family members, service providers, clients or other parties involved in (pre)contractual relationships, members of management bodies, and anyone working under the supervision of the Group or companies directly or indirectly controlled by the Group (referred to as Whistleblowers), to report any actual or potential violations of legislation, internal policies, procedures, or the Code of Business Ethics without fear of facing adverse consequences.


For more information about the procedure for providing, receiving, registering, evaluating and making decisions on violations disclosed in Whistleblowers’ reports can be found in:



Whistleblower’s report may be provided at the choice of the Whistleblower: 

  • By anonymous online reporting channel (below);

  • By e-mail

  • Orally or in writing directly to the person responsible for handling of Whistleblowers’ reports (Head of ESG,, +37065689191)

  • Orally or in writing directly to the CEO of a respective company or the Chairman of the Board (


Details of the person reporting the breach

The person submitting the report can choose to remain anonymous and opt out of receiving updates on the report's status. In such instances, it is not mandatory to provide personal information about herself/himself.

Details about the breach

Kindly provide an accurate description of the breach, including details regarding the individuals involved (who), the nature of the incident (what), the location (where), the time of occurrence (when), and the methods employed (how). While the submission of evidence is not obligatory, it is essential to delineate between facts and assumptions or personal beliefs. Ensure that the account is as precise and detailed as possible to facilitate a thorough understanding of the breach.

Details of the person or persons who committed the breach

Details of the witness(-es) of the breach

Final remarks

Complaint successfully registered.

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