Renewable energy

We develop alternative energy projects across Europe: from the powerful biogas and solar power plants to the green energy source right on Your house.

Modus Energy

Modus Energy administrates our companies in the field of renewable energy. It organises green energy projects, their development, investments and constant upkeep. Modus Energy currently operates in the fields of solar and biogas energy in Lithuania, Belarus, Poland and Spain.

Green Genius

Green Genius is a start-up which introduces a unique solar-as-a-service model in Europe. It includes free of charge installation of solar panels as well as the production of solar energy.

Axton Commodities

Axton Commodities is a power trading company operating in Nordic and Baltic region. It trades Electricity, Guarantees of Origin (GO) and European Emission Allowances (EUA). Additionaly, the company provides balancing services for renewable energy sources (RES) and power purchase agreement (PPA) services.

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