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The Modus Group has opened its official Bentley representative office in Lithuania

The legendary British Bentley cars, which combine luxury, comfort and speed, are now available at the official representative office in Lithuania. The international group of companies Modus Group have received the manufacturer’s representation rights in Lithuania. Currently, the Modus Group represents the most exclusive car brands, such as Rolls-Royce, Maserati, Porsche, Mini, BMW, etc. in Lithuania. The first and only Bentley representative office opened on Thursday in Krasta Auto, Vilnius.

“The opportunity to represent the Bentley brand is an important achievement for us and a sign of the trust of the international automotive community in us. The representatives of Bentley have shown that they appreciate our long-term contribution to luxury car dealership,” says Laurynas Sivilevičius, Automotive Business Director of the Modus Group. According to him, currently the demand for exclusive cars in Lithuania is increasing and this segment is not yet fully taken up.

“Now it is essential for us to offer far more choice to admirers of the world-renowned classics. Bentley is the best British automotive example with its exclusive spirit and style. In fact, the manufacturers of these cars constantly keep pace with the market by investing in technology and developing new  technologically advanced models, which means that Bentley has been one of the best choices for luxurious, spacious and fast cars year after year,” says
Evelina Avina, Bentley Sales Manager in Lithuania.

The Automotive Business Group Director of the Modus Group highlights that the
representation of these exclusive cars and the opportunity to provide services also means compliance with extremely high quality requirements. The Modus Group has invested in the skills of the service and sales team in order to meet the best practices of the British brand.

The drivers’ and passengers’ sense of luxury is one of the most essential features of these cars. Bentley is also one of the best choices for those who are in need of security and comfort. It is not by chance that Bentley is the official limousine supplier for the British royal family.

The sales of this British car manufacturer are steadily increasing. Bentley has sold around 10,000 cars in recent years. The company is actively expanding its range of cars - two years ago it introduced the most luxurious SUV in the world, the Bentley Bentayga, which gained enormous popularity in all markets.

The serial production of the new Bentley Continental GT has already started, and customers can order them in Lithuania as well. The first cars will reach buyers in our country in the spring. According to E. Avina, this latest Bentley model will stand out with the highest level of luxury and innovative solutions.

“Only a rare car maker can boast of such attention to detail paid to each model since much is done manually by using not only time-tested materials, but also state-of-the-art technology,” says Bentley’s representative in Lithuania.

Nearly a century ago, in 1919, the Bentley brothers began the Bentley story; they were eager to invent what was not yet created, i.e. a fast, good, and best car in its class. The British manufacturer has retained this attitude. In the near future, Bentley is planning to introduce electric models of its most popular cars.

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