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Modus Group to bring a new carsharing service to Latvia and Estonia

The international group of companies, Modus Group, headquartered in Lithuania, has announced the expansion of its carsharing service CityBee into the Latvian and Estonian markets. According to Modus Group representatives, it is expected to happen in the spring of 2019. CityBee has been in operation for six years in Lithuania and introduced its services to drivers in Poland this previous autumn.

The very first CityBee cars to be introduced in Latvia and Estonia will be intended for moving household goods and the transportation of large cargoes. The service is anticipated to launch with a fleet of 50 commercial vehicles in each country's capital. This number will gradually increase, according to Aurimas Čiagus, CEO of CityBee Solutions.

Presently, the company is conducting a car procurement procedure and is starting to form local teams and search for colleagues – executives and fleet managers – in Latvia and Estonia.

Modus Group is already developing its car dealership business and offering smart parking solutions in both Latvia and Estonia.

“While carrying out business in these countries, we saw the opportunity for a carsharing service as well. Even though the service is still pretty new in Latvia and Estonia, we know there are quite a few carsharing players in the market (one has launched its service less than a year ago in Latvia; one provides a carsharing service for electric cars in Estonia). The fact that their popularity among local drivers is growing rapidly gives us extra confidence. Modus Group is committed to investing in areas of continuously growing future potential. Carsharing is considered one of these future sustainable businesses, and we intend to develop it to the highest standards,” says Liudas Liutkevičius, Chairman of the Board of Modus Group.

Mr. Čiagus says that the CityBee carsharing service with its commercial vehicles is crucial both for individual clients and small-sized businesses in different sectors (construction and repair, manufacture and trade of furniture, advertising services). To meet increased demand in the market or in the event of a company car's repair, small-scale entrepreneurs can conveniently pick up a CityBee car using their mobile application.

“We have successfully tested such a development strategy in Poland: we already provide a carsharing service in ten cities and manage a fleet of 150 commercial vehicles there,” says Čiagus.


According to the CEO of CityBee Solutions, the number of drivers sharing cars in Europe has grown eight times over the last decade – a number which speaks for itself. It is a definite stimulus to scale up the carsharing service and to meet changing consumer needs. CityBee is one of the largest carsharing service providers in Europe. The company started operations in 2012; its fleet now consists of more than 1,000 cars shared by over 170,000 active users. Clients rent a car of their choice by downloading and signing up for the CityBee mobile application.

CityBee is one of Europe's largest provider of car sharing services. The company started to operate in 2012, and now it owns more than 1,000 cars, that are shared by more than 170,000 active users. Customers can rent a desired car by downloading and signing up for the CityBee mobile app.

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