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Modus Group founds new Investment Management Company

Modus Group, one of the largest groups of companies in Lithuania, engaged in investment management in automotive, renewable energy, vehicle sharing and other business areas, has set up the investment management company Modus Asset Managment. The Bank of Lithuania has issued the Investment Management License of Collective Investment Undertakings to the Company, granting a legal permission to attract investments from professional investors and manage funds on their behalf.

For its key investments the new Company will target renewable energy projects. In addition, investments into areas such as mobility projects based on the principles of sharing economy are also considered.

“We have long-term investment plans in promising fields, such as solar and biogas energy. Therefore, we are well-positioned to attract the interest of professional investors. The license granted to Modus Asset Managment by the Bank of Lithuania allows us to develop these investment products. Additionally, provided there are good prospects and a clear demand, we will also seek to acquire the right to manage investments of small investors,” says Liudas Liutkevičius, Chairman of the Board of Modus Group.

According to Liutkevičius, the final structure of the Modus Asset Management investment funds will crystalize over the coming months. Currently, the company is defining the fund‘s parameters and coordinating its future investment strategies.

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