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Modus Energy has completed 4 biogas projects in Belarus

Renewable energy company Modus Energy has completed the construction of 4 modern biogas power plants in Belarus. The total output of these power plants reaches 4 MW, and they will generate approximately 32 million kWh of green electrical energy for users in Belarus. 17,6 million euros were invested in these power plants. Modus Energy is planning an additional 5 similar projects in the neighbouring country next year.

Modus Energy implemented its biogas power plant projects in Belarus after winning the public auctions. The projects were carried out in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). A part of the funds was invested by the international group of companies Modus Group, which controls Modus Energy.

“Belarus is a very favourable country for the development of biogas energy – both due to its market size and a dynamic livestock business sector, and because of the Government’s efforts into developing this area. In addition, the country has a clear and transparent public auction system, and therefore investments in biogas energy are extremely favourable. Therefore, we plan further activities in Belarus,” – said Ruslan Sklepovič, Chairman of the Board of Modus Energy.

Hundreds of thousands of tons of biodegradable materials found in livestock complexes across the country will be used to produce green energy in the new biogas power plants. The energy produced in these power plants will be supplied to the Belarus electricity network operator.

Modus Energy has implemented 11 biogas projects in Lithuania with a total output of 10 MW. Currently, the company’s development and investment focus are in Poland, Belarus and Spain. Biogas is the result of a natural biological process of decomposing biodegradable materials and it is used to produce green electrical and heating energy, or renewable energy sources. Livestock and bird manure, green waste like cut grass and weeds, spoiled fruits and vegetables, and other substances of organic origin are all considered to be biodegradable materials.

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