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CityBee strengthens its positions in Latvia with 200 cars

Starting today, residents and guests of Riga can also use CityBee cars. A total of 200 urban bees have rolled onto the streets of the Latvian capital, with plans for 300 cars in Riga by the end of the year.


Until now, CityBee cargo vehicles and electric scooters were available for use in Latvia. According to the company’s CEO, Lukas Yla, the decision to expand the range of services offered was taken due to a clear need in the market for carsharing services.


“Riga is the biggest city in the Baltic countries and has a lot of space for the provision of urban mobility services. Currently there’s only one company that offers passenger-vehicle sharing there, but the need for such services is growing. We see good growth opportunities, therefore, in the future we intend to increase the size of CityBee’s fleet of cars in Latvia,” Mr Yla says.

CityBee is offering Riga’s residents and guests an opportunity to use Mini One and Fiat 500 cars. The latter were acquired on signing a contract with Autobrava, the official importer of Fiat vehicles to the Baltics.

With this expansion phase, CityBee has become the carsharing company with the most vehicles on offer in Latvia.


Use of CityBee cars in Latvia follows the same principles as in Lithuania. Pricing is also analogous – charges, at competitive rates, are for the time used and the kilometres driven.


CityBee provides services in the Baltic countries and Poland. The company also plans to expand its fleet of vehicles in Estonia this month, putting cars on the country’s streets.


Next year there are plans for the introduction of CityBee cars in Poland as well.

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