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CityBee e-kick scooter sharing service is available in three more cities

CityBee expands its e-kick scooter sharing service in Lithuania. Now it is available in three more cities – Kaunas, Klaipėda and Palanga. Therefore, total number of e-kick scooters in the country has reached nearly 1 thousand.


200 e-kick scooters rolled out to Kaunas, 100 more to Klaipėda and Palanga. Another 700 vehicles have already been in use in Vilnius since this April.


“We have announced the plans to move to Kaunas earlier this year, therefore we step in here well-prepared. We believe that our previous experience and know-how will let us to offer our customers the best-quality service. Yet, listening to our clients’ feedback, we have also decided to offer e-kick scooter sharing service at the seaside. Differently from Kaunas, here we are starting with the pilot project. We seek to assess the needs of Klaipėda and Palanga inhabitants and guests, accordingly considering the potential to expand,” said Lukas Yla, CEO of CityBee.


Pricing of the e-kick scooter sharing service in all three cities will be regular – 50 cents for the scooter’s reservation and 10 cents for every minute.


Presently, CityBee is providing its services in 4 markets: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. Expansion is foreseen to other European markets in the future.

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