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A new brand is joining Modus Group family of businesses

We are happy to present to you Green Genius: a Lithuanian Start-up that offers to install free solar panels to generate electricity cheaper!
So what is Green Genius and what they do? 
Green Genius introduces a unique solar-as-a-service model in Europe. It includes free of charge installation of solar panels as well as the production of solar energy. The owners of private houses in Lithuania and Poland will be the first to take advantage of this innovation. Active development oriented towards other European countries is planned as well.

“Our vision is to bring solar energy to all homes. This new service created by Green Genius is a great example, showing that in today’s world everyone can produce clean electricity and save money. off installing solar panels has become as simple as the installation of an internet connection and this eliminates all the reasons for not doing it,” says Ruslanas Sklepovičius, a board member at Modus Group.

The service is easy to order; all the customer has to do is fill in an online order form and the Green Genius team will take care of the rest, including the assessment of the rooftop, arrangement of documents, payment of all necessary fees, installation of  the solar panels and its connection to the network.

The service does not require any initial investment from new customers. There will be no installation fee and no commitments to sign a contract either. Once panels are operating, the customer will be free to arrange maintenance or the electricity production. All maintenance work will be carried out by Green Genius experts who will remotely monitor the equipment ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. The bills for this service will be paid to Green Genius, allowing consumers to reduce electricity costs by up to 15 percent.

The service offered by Green Genius will be available to both private clients and businesses. According to Sklepovičius, households using ecological heating systems like air-to-air or air-to-water heat pumps or geothermal heating are likely to save the most. 

The scope of services will be expanded in the future: power stations of this kind will be set up as specific service packages. In this way they could for example be equipped with a battery for the storage of electricity or for an electric vehicle.

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